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The Blind “Friend” Date: A New Kind of Matchmaking

Feel like it's time to meet new people? Lifestyle expert Taylor Kaye tried out the latest matchmaking trend: friend dating.

5 Easy, Proven Ways to De-Stress

Try these easy ways to de-stress out today and every day.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Sex Drive?

A fun true or false quiz on common misconceptions about the human sex drive.

Dump or Keep: Older Boyfriend, Split Cheques and More

Once again, psychotherapist Hina Khan joined Steven and Chris to play everyone's relationship advice game, Dump or Keep!

Dump or Keep: ER Doctors, Gift Cards and More!

Dump or Keep featuring bad birthday gifts, friendly exes and dating emergency room doctors.

Building The Perfect Online Profile

Creating an online dating profile can be intimidating but with these steps, you'll have the perfect one in no time!

Quiz: Do You Know How To Be An Empathetic Person?

Take the quiz and find out if you know how to truly be empathetic.

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