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Healthy Eating on the Go

Need new ideas for quick, portable and healthy meal options?

5 Travel Hacks To Pack Like A Pro

Here are five great travel hacks to help free up some space in your luggage for your next vacation.

5 Clever Packing Tips

Next time you're packing your suitcase, consider these tips that will help you avoid any packing disasters.

Creative Ways to Make Kids’ Lunches

Inject a little fun into packing your kids' lunches with these Life Made Easy ideas.

Trusty Travel Gadgets

Planning a trip for you and the family? Make your getaway a little easier by checking out these cool travel gadgets. 1. Micro Luggage Scooter Instead of pulling your luggage, how about riding it to the gate? The Micro Luggage...

Pack for a Month in One Carry-On

Alicia Taggio loves to travel around the world and has taken over 50 flights in the last three years. With that kind of experience, she's just the person to share some tried-tested-and-true packing tips with us. Using these tips Alicia...

The Healthy Traveller’s Packing List

Nothing ruins a vacation more quickly than coming down with an illness. Dr. Melissa Lem reveals the most common health-related travel troubles and what you need to pack to avoid them. Above: Rimowa luggage. Jet Lag Jet lag typically occurs...

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