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Healthy Eating on the Go

Need new ideas for quick, portable and healthy meal options?

Healthy Hair Recipes

Whether it's hair fall or premature greying, Peggy's recipes will add some much needed tlc to your hair!

Best Fast Food Choices

Nutritionist Theresa Albert shares how to get something good out of eating bad.

Breaking Bad Food Habits

We've all got bad food habits we fall into from time to time. To help us break them and get on track to healthier eating, nutritionist Theresa Albert shares some quick fixes. Bad Habit: Sweet Tooth This can be a...

Body Quirks Solved

Eye twitches, mystery brusies, brain freeze ... Our bodies sometimes do strange things for seemingly no reason. Nutritionist Melissa Ramos shares her knowledge to help solve some of these common body quirks. Ghost Bruises Ghost bruises are caused by a...

Banish Winter Blues Naturally

With shorter days and colder weather, it's easy for winter blues to set in. But nutritionist Melissa Ramos says you can beat those blues naturally. Here's how! The problem: A weak immune system The solution: Chaga Chaga has the highest...

Why We’re Fat (& How to Get Skinny!)

There's no denying it: We're fat. In fact, according to research by the National Center for Health Statistics in the US and Statistics Canada, a staggering two-thirds of North Americans are considered overweight or obese. How did this happen? Nutritionist...

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