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Moroccan Chicken Bastilla

Spice master Ian Hemphill shares his recipe for Moroccan chicken bastilla which includes a spice blend of over 20 spices!

DIY Moroccan Tile Art

Add colour and pattern to your walls by making your own Moroccan tile art. All it takes to transform a plain tile are some printable designs and a little glue. Materials Tile Construction Glue Crafting paste Gloss Lacquer Roller and...

Five Steps to a Moroccan-Inspired Living Room

Quite often we're attracted to a theme that we'd like to incorporate into our interiors without going overboard. For example, how might you incorporate a Moroccan theme into your home? Here are five ideas. Above: couch, chairs, drum side table,...

Ask S&C: Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan-inspired decor seems to be everywhere these days, and for good reason. It appeals to a wide variety of people—from the eco-conscious shopper to the luxury-seeker. And its easy, natural look makes any space feel comfortable and inviting, while metallic...

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