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How to Keep a Clean and Organized Workspace

Learn how to keep your workspace clean and organized with tips from organizational expert Melissa Coghlan.

Tips for Deep Spring Cleaning

How to give your house a proper spring cleaning.

How to Store Food in Your Fridge (Some Surprises!)

Did you know that every food has an ideal spot in your fridge for storage?

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Prepare your home for the winter months in ten steps.

Organize Your Laundry Room

Are lost socks the bane of your existence? Do you constantly dread doing your laundry? The laundry room is typically one of the smallest rooms in your home, though it's very high traffic. If you can't find what you need...

Home Office Organization

A messy desk in an office adds to mental clutter and can lead to a loss of productivity. If you're swimming in a sea of bills, file folders, papers, cords and office supplies, it's time you re-organize your desk with...

Organize Your Pantry

Is your pantry a stuffed-to-the-brim disorganized mess? Fear not. Our favourite organizational expert Melissa Coghlan lays out the best way to organize it in order to keep it that way. Follow these steps for a better organized pantry. 1. Sort...

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