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A Stylish Space for You and Your Man

Maia Roffey shows us how to keep your space stylish when the man in your life moves in.

Tour the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Designer Shirley Meisels proves it by taking us on a tour of the ultimate bachelor pad.

Feminine Living Room with a Masculine Edge

Sarah Keenleyside shows us how she decorates a feminine inspired living room with a bit of an edge.

Style the Perfect Office

Christine Dovey shows us her take on creating a glamorous office space.

How to Mix Masculine & Feminine

Everyone has different styles, but when relationships come together for the first time in your newly shared home or apartment, you need to work as a team to bring both of your styles together in a balanced and cohesive way....

Design Inspiration from Your Closet

Design inspiration is all around us, but's sometimes easily overlooked. Deb Nelson shows us just what we might have been missing.... Above: rug, art, sofa, side table, lights, books, coffee table, Elte; designed with inspiration from a men's suit, GotStyle...

Get the Look: Masculine Kitchen

This kitchen is inspired by men's suiting and contemporary finishes. It's a fine balance of light and dark blue with a hint of luxury that's rounded out with some industrial elements. Upper cabinets in white keep the space bright while...

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