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Keep the Lust Alive

Sexologist Robin Millhausen shares her expert knowledge on the evolution of sex during a long-term relationship

Let’s Get Hitched Pilot Episode!

Watch the full pilot episode of a new CBC TV project telling the love stories of couples getting married at City Hall!

Have You Found ‘The One’? The Fool-Proof List to Finding Your Significant Other

Here’s a list of seven qualities that should be present in your relationship and five things to always avoid in a partner.

Romantic Marriage Proposals Gone Viral

While a marriage proposal was once an intimate moment between a couple in love, these days it's taken a more grandiose turn and added music, choreography, casts of characters — not to mention millions of viewers at home. Here we...

Let’s Get Hitched

Let's Get Hitched is a new CBC Television project that has very little to do with weddings, and everything to do with love.

Money Smarts Quiz

Do you think you have a pretty good handle on basic money matters? Take Rubina's Money Smarts quiz to find out! 1. Men are better savers than women. True or False? Show Answer | Hide Answer True! According to a...

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