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New Parents Get a Trendy Makeover

A couple's makeover just in time for Valentine's Day!

Hair Makeovers: Michelle Williams and Lana Del Rey

Kristjan Hayden took these ladies to his salon Civello to get makeovers inspired by Lana Del Rey and Michelle Williams.

IKEA Bathroom Makeover: 15 Years In The Making

A couple gets the IKEA bathroom makeover they've been waiting years for.

Tammy’s Inspiring Story

Tammy was nominated for a Steven and Chris makeover by The United Way as a way to recognize, pamper and give back.

IKEA Bedroom Makeover: Spa Retreat

Our friends from IKEA transformed a dull, old room into a bright, spa-like retreat for a hardworking mother.

IKEA Bedroom Makeover for a Deserving Mom

IKEA Canada changed a single mom's bedroom into a quiet retreat.

IKEA Bathroom Makeover

Watch as IKEA Canada takes a bathroom from drab to luxurious.

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