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Life Made Easy: Kitchen Utensil Hacks

Kary Osmond shows some clever uses for kitchen utensils to make cooking a breeze!

Life Made Easy: Camping Hacks

Fun tricks to make your next camping trip worry-free!

Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks

Fool friends and family members with these easy last-minute tricks.

How to Store Your Winter Clothing

Say so long to winter clothing! Learn how to properly store them with these great tips!

Life Made Easy: Unexpected Slow Cooker Ideas

Chef Joshna Maharaj shows Steven and Chris how you can prepare beans, make jam and caramelize onions in a slow cooker.

Easy DIY Pet Treats and Fur Removal

Your life will be made easier with these DIY dog treats and easy pet hair removal.

The Best Way to Clean Burnt Pots and Pans

We've discovered the best, foolproof way to save your burnt pots and pans with natural ingredients and no scouring.

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