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6 Unexpected Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

You can do more with soap than use it to clean grimy hands! Here are 6 great uses for soap that will blow your mind!

Countertop Trends for Your Kitchen

New and cool countertops to consider for your kitchen.

Fabuless Fashion Trends

Christie Ressel proves you can put together a trendy look for $100 or less.

Traditional Meets Modern in a Masculine Den

The traditional den is making a comeback. Designer Trish Johnston shows us a masculine den that mixes modern decor with traditional touches. The result: a dramatic space that's suited for desk work, casual meetings and cocktails. Above: wall colour "Black...

What to Do With a Leather Sofa

In our experience, brown leather sofas are the most popular choice in family and living rooms. They are a classic, after all. But they can also pose a design challenge. Don't let yours become a black hole. Avoid the void...

DIY Faux-Leather Console

Luxe leather-covered consoles are everywhere right now. It should come as no surprise: Their sleek yet soft feel adds a level of sophistication to any space. Fortunately, you can recreate the look in your home for a fraction of the...

Pet-Friendly Fabrics

Pets. We love them dearly, of course—or at least until they ruin our furniture. Whether it's their shedding coat, scratching claws or odd accident, pets can sure wreak havoc on our decor. So we put some common fabric choices to...

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