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How to Store Food in Your Fridge (Some Surprises!)

Did you know that every food has an ideal spot in your fridge for storage?

The Best Way to Cut Mangoes, Pineapples & More!

Culinary Adventurer Christian Pritchard shows you the best way to slice your mangoes, pineapples, oranges and strawberries.

Best of Life Made Easy

Get a roundup of our best Life Made Easy tips all in one place!

How to Care for Your Cast Iron Pans

Use these simple tips for proper maintenance of your cast iron pans.

4 Helpful Uses for Wax Paper

Wax paper has more than one good use in the kitchen! To prove it, take a look at these helpful ways we demonstrated for Life Mad

When Pressure Pays Off in the Kitchen

Along with her finger-licking rib recipe, Chef Voula Halliday shares some background on pressure cookers, what makes them so great, and how to select one for your kitchen. It all goes to show you, when it comes to cooking...

Easy Wine Aeration

Make your wine taste that much better by aerating with this simple tip you can do yourself! Aerating your wine helps improve its taste by maximizing its exposure to surrounding air. If you don't have a decanter and your guests...

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