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The 7 Essential Chakras in Your Body

Quick guide to the seven energy centres or chakras in your body

Running Wear Essentials

You'll want the right gear to get out there and start running and here to show us what we'll need is fitness expert Jana Webb!

5 Favourite Running Gadgets

Our fitness expert Jana Webb shares some of her favourite running gadgets

Bounce Into a Trampoline Workout

Steven and Jana hit up an indoor trampoline park to get a good workout.

Spring Into a New Workout

Searching for some new moves to incorporate into your workout routine this spring? Then look no further than our resident fitness experts Assata McKenzie, Sarah Robichaud, and Jana Webb, who've got great — and fun — ideas for everyone. Hula...

Pre- and Post-Flight Yoga

For many, flying can be hard on the body. We tend to get tense, stiff necks, and swollen feet, especially during those long flights. To help us deal next time we take off, yoga expert Jana Webb shows us the...

Yoga for Aches and Pains

The more aches and pains you have in your body, the more you have to move it and consider how to take care of it. To help us along, Jana Webb visited to demonstrate some helpful yoga moves....

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