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How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Your Body

Using essential oils can have strong influence on well being, as long as they're used appropriately.

Tiny Home Tuesday: Shipping Container Houses

Atira Women’s Resource Society in Vancouver developed Canada's first social housing unit made from recycled shipping containers

7 Ways to Enjoy Gardening Season

Warm weather has sprung up this year which means it’s time to get planting!

Frugal DIY Solutions for Home, Hair and Gifts

All the little expenses really do add up! Frugalista Amrita Singh shares some DIY tips for making your own everyday products.

Kitchen Finishes: How to Spend or Save

Home designer Deb Nelson explains how you can get beautiful kitchen finishes for every budget.

How to Keep a Clean and Organized Workspace

Learn how to keep your workspace clean and organized with tips from organizational expert Melissa Coghlan.

Scott McGillivray’s Vacation Home Guide

Income Property’s Scott McGillvray shares tips on buying and renting out you vacation home.

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