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Rent this Tiny House for the Weekend

Getaway is a start-up company that allows people to rent tiny houses in secluded areas to escape distractions of the city.

UPDATE: Tiny House that Possibly Inspired the Movie “Up” is NOT Going Down

Many people believe the story behind this tiny Seattle home and its previous owner Edith Macefield inspired Pixar’s movie "Up."

The $50 Fix-Up: A Nautical Themed Front Porch

Nova Scotia design blogger gave her friends' fantastic front porch a nautical makeover for less than $50!

Amazing Home Made from Beach Debris

70-year-old Netonia Yalte builds homes from beach debris in Haida Gwaii, B.C..

Natural, Pesticide-Free Methods for Battling Garden Pests

There are plenty of ways to successfully manage pests and disease in your garden without using pesticides.

How One Los Angeles Man is Taking the Issue of Homelessness into His Own Hands

It cost Elvis Summers $500 to make a small home on wheels for a homeless woman in his neighbourhood.

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