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5 DIY Holiday Gifts for under $10

Easy holiday gifts to make that won't hurt your wallet.

5 Crafty Gift Wrapping Ideas… with Craft Paper!

Forget the frou-frou wrapping paper this year: craft paper is elegant, versatile and cheap!

Regifting: What Can You Really Get Away With?

Today Lifestyle Expert Andrea Bain was here to how to master the etiquette of regifting- without getting caught or looking bad!

The Dragons’ Den Gift Guide: Made by Canadian Entrepreneurs

Here are our picks for the top Dragon-approved products that would make unique gift ideas.

3 Beautiful Bows for All Your Holiday Gifts

Here's something you might not know about Steven: he's a bow master.

Vietnamese Coffee Fudge

This easy-to-make fudge is inspired by the rich flavour of Vietnamese Coffee. So good!

Chocolate Toffee Hello Dollies

Hello Dollies are the ultimate holiday square. Make two batches as they are sure to vanish from the dessert table.

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