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How to Break Bad Habits

Psychotherapist Hina Khan helps us understand how to break some of our worst habits.

The Art of Persuasion

Hina Khan shares her helpful insights on how to effectively give advice to our loved ones.

Favourite Holiday Traditions

We asked our contributors what they love so much about the holidays. Here are their merry responses!

Hina’s Holiday Survival Guide

Hina Khan shows us how to handle some of those people we'd rather not see during the holiday season.

Relationship Roadblocks Solved

Even the most loving relationship has its bumps in the road. Psychotherapist Hina Khan shares some of the most common issues and how you can overcome these relationship roadblocks. The Need to be Right If you're always bickering with your...

Dump or Keep with Hina Khan

Debating whether to move from booty call to boyfriend territory? Been on a date with a guy who flirted with the server? Psychotherapist Hina Khan shares her advice on whether you should dump or keep your man in these instances...

Parenting Panel on Grounding, Baby Names

Hina Khan joined Chris Shulgan and Dee Brun on the Parenting Panel, to discuss questions posed by viewers as well as hot button parenting issues pulled from the headlines. Each offered unique perspectives about keeping a child's best interests at...

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