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Shrimp with Prosciutto Lemon and Chili

Another take on an appetizer classic. Chef Lynn amps up the shrimp ring!

5 Exotic Flavours You’ve Got To Try

Ian Hemphill shares five exotic spices that we should all give a taste!

Roast Quail with Porcini Gravy and Herb Roasted Vegetables

This impressive, dinner party worthy dish from Chef Dustin Gallagher features all the flavours of a classic turkey dinner!

Make Your Own Seasoned Salts

Here are three great ideas for spicing things up in your kitchen!

Herb Roasted Baby Potatoes

A quick and easy side dish from Chef Voula Halliday. Serve with her seared sirloin with mushroom miso sauce.

Branzino on Herbes de Provence Citrus Salt, Fennel and Grape Sauce Vierge

This is an elegant dish inspired by the flavours of Provence, from Chef Daniel Boulud.

Etti’s Herb Salad

This salad is astonishingly fresh and actually makes you feel as if you are doing yourself a giant favour by eating it.

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