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Where and How You Eat Can Help Keep Your Diet On Track

Did you know the way you eat your food could be preventing you from dropping those extra pounds?

Body Business 101

Think you know how long it takes for your body to "do its business"? Take this quiz and find out!

Dangerous Fashion? Woman Suffers Nerve Damage from Skinny Jeans

An Australian woman was hospitalized for nerve damage after squatting for hours in skinny jeans.

5 Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can happen even if you avoid coffee and garlic. Dr. Melissa Lem explains five lesser-known causes of halitosis.

Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Sex

Dr. Ali Zentner joined us in studio to share some of the unexpected health benefits of a great sex life.

How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Your Body

Using essential oils can have strong influence on well being, as long as they're used appropriately.

Why Cheap Mani-Pedis Aren’t Worth The Savings

If a worker is being exploited, nail salons are also cutting corners on health and safety standards that affect the consumer.

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