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Hanukkah Dinner: Beef Brisket

This braised brisket is moist, flavourful and easy to make.

Zane Caplansky’s Homemade Applesauce

This easy applesauce recipe is great for Hanukkah or any time of year!

Hanukkah for Beginners

Your cheat sheet for the Jewish festival of lights.

Potato Latkes

These will be the best latkes you have ever tasted!

Coloured Potato Latkes

We show you three fun ways to create naturally coloured potato latkes for Hanukkah.

Marshmallow Dreidels

A tasty treat to celebrate Hannukkah, here's the recipe for marshmallow dreidels.

Hilary Farr’s Holiday Dessert Table

Designer Hilary Farr loves the holidays and shows us how to decorate a one-of-a-kind dessert table that can fit into any holiday space. It's a great way to bring everybody together and make some great memories - regardless of what...

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