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Hairstyle How-To: Two Step Updos

Learn how to do beautiful updos in just two easy steps!

Hair Makeovers: Michelle Williams and Lana Del Rey

Kristjan Hayden took these ladies to his salon Civello to get makeovers inspired by Lana Del Rey and Michelle Williams.

How to Achieve the Bombshell Blowout

Big, bombshell hair is back with a vengeance and hair expert Kristjan Hayden shares how you can do it yourself!

Hot Hair Makeovers

We're always getting requests from fans looking for hair makeovers from the fantastic Dee Dagher. This time Dee gave great new looks to two viewers who reached out on our Facebook page. 1. Gorgeous On-the-Go Dilemma: Christine has been working...

Hot Holiday Hairstyles

Whether you've got short, mid-length, or long hair, hairstylist Matthew Collins has got three hot holiday hair looks to get you through the holidays in style. French Twist: 1. Brush all of your hair back - as if into a...

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