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Chris’ Angels: Hottest Beauty Products

Chris' Angels test out the latest and hottest beauty products to hit the market.

The After Show with Joy McCarthy

Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy answers audience questions, from how to get shiny hair to how to start eating healthier.

Top Celebrity-Inspired Beauty Products

Liv Judd shares celebrity-inspired beauty products to achieve flawless looks.

Last Minute Holiday Hair

Hair expert Kristjan Hayden shares three last-minute holiday hairdos that will keep you going through the holiday season.

Fringe for Every Face

Bangs are more trendy than ever and, so we asked hair expert Kristjan Hayden to take us through a fringe for every face.

Big Sister, Little Sister Makeover

Mary and Temoiya met through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization seven years ago, and have been big and little sister to each other ever since. To treat these two deserving ladies to some pampering and new looks, we enlisted...

The Scarf Three Ways

The trendiest hair accessory right now? The scarf. Hair expert Matthew Collins shares three ways to wear it, starting with an easy wrap. Scarf Wrapped Bun Use a scarf to add some colour and personality to your hair! Pull your...

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