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How to Clean Your Stinky Gym Equipment

Fitness expert Sarah Robichaud shares her tips on how we can give our stinky gym equipment a fresh boost!

Three Handy Gym Prep Tips

Streamline your next trip to the gym with these three Life Made Easy methods. 1. DIY Protein Shaker Cup Materials Recycled sports drink bottle Door spring Wire cutters Directions Cut and stretch the door spring so that it becomes a...

Get to the Gym

We've all done it before. We make up any and every excuse not to work out. But nutritionist and fitness expert Tosca Reno knows just the way to bust those excuses and get us to the gym! "I have too...

Full Body Foam Roller Workout

Our fitness expert Assata McKenzie shows us a full body workout using the light-weight foam roller. Foam rollers are used by many athletes and physical therapists to help stretch and relieve tight muscles. This is a great workout you can...

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