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The $50 Fix-Up: A Nautical Themed Front Porch

Nova Scotia design blogger gave her friends' fantastic front porch a nautical makeover for less than $50!

Amazing Home Made from Beach Debris

70-year-old Netonia Yalte builds homes from beach debris in Haida Gwaii, B.C..

Tiny Home Tuesday: Shipping Container Houses

Atira Women’s Resource Society in Vancouver developed Canada's first social housing unit made from recycled shipping containers

Greener Goods

Environmentally-friendly designer Sue Bennett helps take the guesswork out of greening your home. Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Greener good: stainless steel. The chrome-plating process employs heavy metals and acids (both environmental no-nos) and kicks off a lot of manufacturing waste....

Tosca’s Detox Bone Broth

Bone broth is full of nutrients, and makes a great base for healthy soups and detox meals.

Coloured Potato Latkes

We show you three fun ways to create naturally coloured potato latkes for Hanukkah.

Shamrockin’ St. Patty’s Day DIYs

You don't need a pot of gold (or even green beer) to have a little fun this St. Patrick's Day. We've scoured the internet and found some festive DIYs, recipes, and party favours to bring a little Irish spirit to...

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