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5 Crafty Gift Wrapping Ideas… with Craft Paper!

Forget the frou-frou wrapping paper this year: craft paper is elegant, versatile and cheap!

Zero Dollar Holiday Wrapping

Out of holiday gift wrap? Don't fret! Here are three beautiful ideas to wrap your gifts using items lying around the house.

DIY Magazine Gift Bows

Before you throw out that pile of old magazines, check out how easy it is to upcycle them into unique and colourful gift bows. Directions Each page will make at least one bow. Download the bow template. Cut the page...

Gift Wrap Galore

Different gifts demand different gift wrap, and here at Steven and Chris, we always aim for the extraordinary! Here are some creative wrappers for three common gift-giving occasions. Snack-Time Birthday Wraps This is just good, old-fashioned fun. Wrap each individual...

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