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Natural, Pesticide-Free Methods for Battling Garden Pests

There are plenty of ways to successfully manage pests and disease in your garden without using pesticides.

6 Unexpected Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

You can do more with soap than use it to clean grimy hands! Here are 6 great uses for soap that will blow your mind!

Attention Gardeners! Perfect Vegetables for Planting in July

It’s not too late to start planting vegetables in July!

7 Ways to Enjoy Gardening Season

Warm weather has sprung up this year which means it’s time to get planting!

Garden-Themed Bridal & Baby Shower DIYs

Event planner Melissa Andre shows some fun, inexpensive ways to add some high-impact spring decor to your shower.

DIY Geometric “Concrete” Planter

Take your plants to another level with a modern geometric planter, which you can make on your own!

Skip the Gym! Home Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Work

Five fun ways to exercise at home!

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