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Chris’ Angels: Testing More At-Home Fitness Gadgets

The Angels tested a cordless jump rope, a hurdle-ladder and a balance board.

The 7 Essential Chakras in Your Body

Quick guide to the seven energy centres or chakras in your body

New Workout Trend: Surfing… At Home!

A surfboard workout you can do in your living room!

Latest Fitness Items for 2015

These cool fitness products might be just the motivation you need to keep your workout resolutions!

How to Lose 10 Pounds Before Christmas

Hoping to lose a few pounds before Christmas (and all those holiday parties)?

Adam van Koeverden’s 5-Minute Workout

Four-time Olympic medalist Adam van Koeverden dropped by the studio with a mission: kick Steven and Chris's butt.

Motherfunk Workout

The Motherfunk workout is the hottest exercise for new mothers.

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