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Exercises for Better Sex

Fitness expert Oonagh Duncan shares exercises to work on your core, hips and cardio endurance for better sex.

Pregnancy Myths Busted: Yes, You Can Still Have That Morning Coffee

Is coffee off limits when you're pregnant? What about a glass of wine? Dr. Melissa Lem breaks down pregnancy "rules".

7 Signs You’re Overtraining

Sure, we all want to live more active lives, but there is such thing as too much exercise.

Lyzabeth Lopez’s Bikini-Ready Body Workout

Fitness expert Lyzabeth Lopez shares a non-stop full body workout to help you achieve a bikini-ready body for the summer.

How To Supercharge Your Metabolism Naturally

There are ways that we can naturally boost our lean mass and metabolism...

Our Favourite Yoga Postures Named After Animals

Some of Jana Webb's favourite animal-named yoga postures and their benefits.

Post Exercise Active Recovery Workout

Active recovery workouts are absolutely necessary if you want to see real improvements in your physical fitness routine.

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