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How to Pick and Cook the Perfect Fish

Fish 101: From finding the freshest to cooking to perfection and keeping the fishy smell from permeating your home.

5 Most Common Toxins Found in Food and How to Avoid Them

Dr. Melissa Lem shows us some common foods that can harm your health, and explains why we should cut them out.

Dish Do-Over: Fish and Chips, Made Healthier

Chef Jo Lusted shares another Dish Do Over. This time she's tackling Fish and Chips, with Tartar sauce too!

Peanut Butter Cookie Fish and Chips Sandwich

Your taste buds will be blown away with this savoury fish sandwich!

Recipes For Finicky Fish Eaters

Four great seafood recipes even picky eaters will love.

Pan Seared Trout with Brussels Sprouts, Kale and Radicchio

This is a perfect cool weather salad from Chef Joshna Maharaj, with both raw and cooked elements.

How to Select and Store Seafood

Chef Jonathan shares his tips to keep seafood fresher, longer.

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