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Must-Have Hydrating Beauty Products for Winter

All the best beauty products to treat your body right this winter.

Summer Skin Issues Solved

Joy McCarthy gives us her remedies for the most common summer skin issues.


Manolos and Choos might cause a stir on Saturday night but are they worth the pain on Sunday morning? Dr. Melissa reveals the damage being done by your fave footwear. 1. Pumps = Haglund's Deformity Haglund's deformity (a.k.a. pump bump)...

The Science Behind Why We Stink

From B.O. to bad breath, Dr. Melissa Lem explains the science behind why we stink—and how to freshen up! Plug your nose, everyone! Body Odour Cause: Body odour is primarily caused by bacteria. Like people, bacteria need food, water and...

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