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The New Neutrals: Leopard Print, Cherry Red and More

Forget your basic black and mid-tone beige. Meet the new neutrals — bold prints and colours — and how you can pull them off!

5 Hot Weather Hair Tips

Learn how to tame your mane this summer with fuss-free, heat-proof hair tips.

5 Hot Weather Makeup Tips

To avoid suffering a mid-summer face melt, here are five easy ways to heat-proof your makeup.

Pinup? Rocker Chic? Find the Style Persona For Your Body Type

Here are four fashion archetypes and how they match up to certain body shapes.

Does Mayo Really Soften Hair? 6 Beauty Myths Busted!

From hair-thickening mayonnaise to pimple-zapping toothpaste, learn the truth behind some common beauty myths.

Hairstyle How-To: Two Step Updos

Learn how to do beautiful updos in just two easy steps!

Trendy Blogger Street Style

Off-the-runway looks have become a fashion phenomenon. Street style photographer Stefania Yarhi rounds up her favourite looks.

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