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Easy Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

To get the most out of your workout — before and after — Peggy Kotsopoulos shares her quick and easy exercise snacks!

Where Do You Hold Your Stress? Tips to Relieve Pain

Fitness expert Oonagh Duncan with tips on where we store our stress and how to relieve it!

Life Made Easy: Gym Bag Essentials

You'll thank yourself for throwing these handy essentials into your own gym bag!

Couples Fitness: Home Exercises You Can Do Together

Work out and have a blast! Try these quick and easy workouts with your partner.

The 5 Stages of Exercise: Where Are You At?

There is some psychology to why each of us get stuck at our current stage of activity.

New Workout Trend: Surfing… At Home!

A surfboard workout you can do in your living room!

Indoor Skydiving a Must-Try for Thrill-Seekers

Indoor skydiving is a new day adventure everyone of all ages should try.

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