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Exercises for Better Sex

Fitness expert Oonagh Duncan shares exercises to work on your core, hips and cardio endurance for better sex.

Pregnancy Myths Busted: Yes, You Can Still Have That Morning Coffee

Is coffee off limits when you're pregnant? What about a glass of wine? Dr. Melissa Lem breaks down pregnancy "rules".

The Evil Behind Energy Foods

Theresa Albert reveals the evil truths behind energy foods and shares her favourite healthy alternatives.

7 Ways to Enjoy Gardening Season

Warm weather has sprung up this year which means it’s time to get planting!

7 Signs You’re Overtraining

Sure, we all want to live more active lives, but there is such thing as too much exercise.

Lyzabeth Lopez’s Bikini-Ready Body Workout

Fitness expert Lyzabeth Lopez shares a non-stop full body workout to help you achieve a bikini-ready body for the summer.

Better Back Exercises and Warm Ups

Fitness expert Kyra Gerber has easy stretching and strengthening exercises that will help you address tensions and trouble spots

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