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Lessons from Celebrity BFFs

Taylor Kaye stopped in to talk to us about what we can learn from celebrity BFFs!

The Most Popular Celebrity Health Myths: Busted

Timothy Caulfield came back on the show to bust some health myths!

Fail-Proof and Fun Dinner Party Games

Three dinner party games to keep your guests entertained.

Andrea Martin: What’s In Your Purse?

We found a tennis ball, plastic knife and flask in Andrea Martin's purse. Find out why she carries those around.

Suzanne Somers Fan Q&A

The incomparable Suzanne Somers discusses her life and career in this candid Q&A with our audience.

World’s Best Airport Entertainment

Some of the world's best airports are known for accessibility, infrastructure and customer service, but also boast entertainment to pass the time like no others. So if you ever find yourself waiting to depart from one of these cities, know...

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