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Cute Easter Egg Cookie Nests

This Easter recipe is easy and makes a great project with the kids, tastes great too!

Eggcellent DIY Easter Eggs

Easter is coming up and we wanted to share some fun and unique ideas that put a twist on the usual dyed Easter eggs.

Croque Madame

This wonderful brunch dish from Chef Lynn Crawford is luxurious, combining melted Gruyere cheese with rich Montreal smoked meat.

Spanish Potato Chip Frittata

Pass on the time-intensive job of slicing and cooking potatoes with this recipe that makes a tasty “breakfast for dinner" meal.

Fighting 7 Food Intolerances

Nutritionist JJ Virgin reveals the seven foods most likely to cause food intolerance, and what we can substitute for them.

Green Goddess Devilled Eggs

No party would be complete without devilled eggs. Enjoy this fresh and easy version from Canadian Living's Annabelle Waugh.

Decadent Eggs Benedict

Everyone loves Eggs Benedict! Enjoy this classic brunch recipe from Chef Michael P. Clive.

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