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Greener Goods

Environmentally-friendly designer Sue Bennett helps take the guesswork out of greening your home. Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Greener good: stainless steel. The chrome-plating process employs heavy metals and acids (both environmental no-nos) and kicks off a lot of manufacturing waste....

Countertop Trends for Your Kitchen

New and cool countertops to consider for your kitchen.

How To Avoid The Toxins In Everyday Makeup Products

Beauty expert Sandy Gold tells us which chemicals to avoid when purchasing your cosmetics.

Cool-Home Hunter: Eco Cottage

Cool-home hunter Kelly Wray checks out a gorgeous green cottage—and we don't mean the colour. The luxurious vacation home is powered by cutting-edge sustainable technology to help the homeowners lessen their carbon footprint. Architect: Altius Architecture Inc. Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/"...

Pantry Raid!

On the hunt for cleaning products? Look no further than your own pantry, says domestic diva Sara Lynn Cauchon. You'll be surprised at the hidden cleaning power lurking inside some everyday kitchen staples. Best of all, not only are these...

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