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Embarrassing Body Questions Answered

Dr. Melissa Lem shares her responses to some medical questions she's heard from patients who felt a little embarrassed.

5 Most Common Toxins Found in Food and How to Avoid Them

Dr. Melissa Lem shows us some common foods that can harm your health, and explains why we should cut them out.

How to Plan Your Doctor’s Visit

Get the most out of a doctor's visit by being prepared.

Boost your Sex IQ

Although we think and talk about it all the time, it's surprising just how uninformed we are about sex! Our own Dr. Melissa Lem is here to set the record staight. Sex is a good remedy for a headache True!...

Test Your Weight Loss Knowledge

Many of us struggle with losing weight, and have little knowledge behind it. Test what you know with Dr. Ali Zentner's true or false statements below, and you may be surprised with what you learn. Drinking eight glasses of...

Good and Bad Body Germs

Germs often get a bad rap, but many species of bacteria which live in our bodies are essential to our health.

What’s the Germiest?

Ever wonder how many germs are on everyday objects in our lives? Dr. Melissa Lem shocks us by deciphering some of the germ-filled items we encounter on the regular. Keyboard vs. Desk Phone What's the germiest? Desk phone! One study...

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