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Contemporary Country Dining Room

Designing a dining room on a budget? Check out this fresh design.

French Inspired Dining Room

Bring a French touch to your dining room with these design ideas.

Preview IKEA’s Stockholm Collection

Trish Johnston gives viewers a sneak peek at IKEA's new Stockholm collection, right from the Scandinavian city itself.

Stylish Dining Room on a Budget

Having your space reflect you and your personality should not be dependent on whether or not you own your home. So here are some ways to achieve a completely chic but inexpensive dining room keeping in mind the most important...

Good, Better, Best: Loft-Style Dining Room

The architectural details of a loft inspired the industrial style of this dining room and is a style that seems to be sticking around. All of the details in the furniture and decor combine together to create a look well...

The Return of Old Decor Trends

As the saying goes, everything old is new again! To celebrate Style at Home's 15th Anniversary, Editor-in-Chief, Erin McLaughlin showed us a dining space that incorporated some of the magazine's favourite old trends that are still going strong today. Above:...

How to Hang a Chandelier

Many of you have questions as to how and where your chandelier should hang relative to your room and table size. Here are some quick rules to help you achieve the perfect pendant status! Height For an eight-foot wall: The...

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