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When Cheaters Get Caught: What Are the Next Steps?

Relationship therapist Kimberly Moffit reveals what you should do when you catch your partner cheating or if you are caught.

Post-Divorce Dating When You’ve Got Kids

How to start dating again when you've got children.

9 Sizzling Summer Date Ideas

Take advantage of the warm weather and get playful with your special someone!

Power Posing: Try These Stances for Inner Strength!

Did you know that our body language impacts how we feel about ourselves? Elissa Lansdell on poses that make you feel stronger.

Dump or Keep: Older Boyfriend, Split Cheques and More

Once again, psychotherapist Hina Khan joined Steven and Chris to play everyone's relationship advice game, Dump or Keep!

Dump or Keep: ER Doctors, Gift Cards and More!

Dump or Keep featuring bad birthday gifts, friendly exes and dating emergency room doctors.

Online Dating Basics For First-Timers

Here to help us navigate the online dating world is our web wonder woman, Jamey Ordolis!

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