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Warm Grilled Prosciutto Panino

Sandwiches for supper! You'll be excited to get home and try out this prosciutto sandwich from Chef Daniel Mezzolo.

Molto Muffaletta Sandwich

Stack on the delicious fillings to build your perfect sandwich for dinner or for tomorrow's lunch.

Ultimate Charcuterie Platter

Chef Daniel Mezzolo shares his Italian secrets for the ultimate charcuterie platter.

Simple Italian Cheese and Salami Quesadilla

This Italian twist on a Mexican classic will be a hit with your guests.

Easy Italian Chicken Cacciatore

A traditional and simple recipe for an Italian classic.

Strucchi Italian Cookie

Chef Daniel Mezzolo shares his booze infused cookies, perfect with an espresso.

Classic Italian Meatballs

Eat like a real Italian and try out these meatballs with a side of rapini instead of with spaghetti.

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