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Mojito Flaquito (a.k.a. Skinny Mojito)

A perfect cocktail for summer or anytime.

Coconut Panna Cotta

Chef Joshna shows us that using coconut milk for your panna cotta is just as rich and indulgent as heavy cream or buttermilk, and raw honey adds a beautiful floral note. The bright, acidic lime helps to cut the richness...

Coconut Beef Stir Fry

Fresh or frozen coconut adds dimension to both the richness and meatiness of Joshna's beef stir fry. Serves 4 The key to success with stir-frying is having all of your prep done and ready at the stove. When the action...

Good-for-You Granola Bars

These sweet treats are made without refined sugar and instead owe their rich flavour to maple syrup and molasses. Thanks to Theresa Albert for sharing them with us!Recipe courtesy of My Friend In Food 2/3 cup unsweetened dried blueberries 1/2...

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