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5 Superfoods to Feed Your Family Now

Easy recipes to add these superfoods into your diet.

All About Coconut Oil

Joy McCarthy shares her favourite uses for coconut oil.

Frugalista Medicine Cabinet

Frugalista Amrita Singh shares three low-cost remedies for inside your medicine cabinet.

Health Foods or Hype?

Health foods are everywhere we look these days, but Dr. Ali Zentner says some of them are just hype. From energy bars to coconut water, she investigates which really have health benefits and which do not. Energy Bars The claim:...

Peggy K’s Kitchen Beauty Recipes

Our nutritionust Peggy Kotsopoulos' favourite beauty products come from her kitchen. Here she shares her three favourite all natural beauty solutions. Whipped Hand and Body Cream ½ C coconut oil (solid) ½ C cocoa butter (solid)* 1/4 C almond oil...

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