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How to Make the Perfect Cocktails

How to make drinks like a pro bartender.

Easy Cocktail: Basil and Lemon Prosecco

This Prosecco drink is the perfect start to a dinner party — it will please even the cocktail connoisseurs.

3-Ingredient Cocktails

Dee Brun's favourite three-ingredient cocktails — five new takes on the classic highball!

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails From Day to Night

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day from breakfast to dinner with these unique cocktails!

Outside-the-Bottle Wine Cocktails

Four wine cocktails that go beyond sangria.

Dish Do-Over: Piña Colada

Chef Jo Lusted calls this alternative recipe "a creamy refreshing, bikini-worthy bevvie."

Spiced Brandy Hot Toddy

Mixologist Simon Ho calls this warming winter cocktail a "bartender's Neo Citran."

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