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Ultimate Gadgets for Guys

The ultimate guy gadget list

5 Toys for Winter Fun

Chris Shulgan shows us great, fun winter toys for kids for playing in the snow.

Great Gadgets for Winter

Try out these fun gadgets that promise to make your life a little easier this winter.

The Ultimate Gifts for Guys

Still scrambling for the perfect gift for your guy? You won't be after you see Chris Shulgan's top picks!

Great Gifts for Guys

Looking for the perfect gift for the guy in your life? Chris Shulgan shares his definitive guide, from fashion to reading material and awesome outdoor gadgets. Books The Demonologist The latest thriller from Andrew Pyper has a lot of buzz,...

Parenting Panel on Grounding, Baby Names

Hina Khan joined Chris Shulgan and Dee Brun on the Parenting Panel, to discuss questions posed by viewers as well as hot button parenting issues pulled from the headlines. Each offered unique perspectives about keeping a child's best interests at...

Parenting Panel on Tattoos, Diary-Reading and More

Chris Shulgan and Erica Ehm were joined on the Parenting Panel by our Cocktail Deeva Dee Brun, who's mom to four kids, aged 16, 14, five and four. As always, the discussion was spirited when it came to hot topics...

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