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The “Stefano” 4 Cheese Pizza

A great addition to pizza night, Stefano Faita's 4-cheese pizza will woo vegetarians and carnivores alike!

Simple Italian Cheese and Salami Quesadilla

This Italian twist on a Mexican classic will be a hit with your guests.

Baked Brie Christmas Tree

Why have a single wheel of brie when you can have three?

Gorgonzola Torta and Mushrooms

Chef Mark McEwan sahres a tangy cheese and mushroom crostinti.

Tastier, Healthier, Low-Fat Burger

Chef Jo's got a fantastic Dish Do-Over of one of your all time favourite comfort foods - the classic burger!

Lightened-Up Blue Cheese Dip

Greek yogurt gives this blue cheese dip all the creaminess it needs without the addition of sour cream or mayonnaise.

Bacon and Onion Cheese Balls

Switch up the usual party cheese ball with this easy-to-make one-bite appetizer version from Canadian Living.

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