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The Best Vacation Spots for Animal Lovers

Need fuzz therapy? 5 travel destinations where animals rule, and you can get you up close and personal with cuddly creatures.

Why Is My Pet Doing That?

Let's face it: your household pet can sometimes do some pretty weird things.

Easy DIY Pet Treats and Fur Removal

Your life will be made easier with these DIY dog treats and easy pet hair removal.

Your Burning Pet Dilemmas Solved!

As much as you love 'em, pets can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Ted the Vet is here to solve your pet dilemmas.

Ted’s Top Family Pets

Thinking of bringing a pet into your home? Ted the vet shares his top picks for families.

Pet Q&A with Julia Hammond

When it comes to pet know-how we turn to our resident veterinarian, Julia Hammond. She tackled some common pet questions from viewers just like you. First up, Julia helped solve some canine-related questions. Download ( 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" ) Flash Player to...

Exotic Animal-Mania!

It was a happy day in our studio when staff from Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park stopped by and brought along some friends. First up, we were visited by a couple exotic felines and a red-haired woodland creature. Download (...

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