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12 Light Desserts to Fulfill Your Sweet Cravings This Summer

Say yes to dessert and still keep your “summer body” (whatever that may be) with these light options.

Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Joy McCarthy's raw carrot cake balls make an ultimate dessert!

Carrot Cake Pierogies

The best thing about a pierogi is that you can pretty much jam anything in there, boil it up, and it'll taste great. When it comes to these carrot cake pierogies from James Cunningham's Eat St. Cookbook, they're little pockets...

The Happy Baker

Erin Bolger visited the kitchen to make her "You Can Kiss My Triple Decker Carrot Cake Goodbye". It's one of the incredible recipes featured in her new cookbook, The Happy Baker: A Dater's Guide to Emotional Baking. All the...

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