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DIY Hardware Store Jewelry

If you love the look of handmade and industrial jewelry, look no further than your hardware store.

4 Fun Ways to Use Twine

We all have twine lying around at home, so why not use it for some fun projects to brighten up your place!

3 Fun Ways to Display Jewelry

Get crafty and help the kids and teenagers in your life display their jewelry in these three fun ways.

5 Ways to Repurpose Leather Belts

Have an old leather belt lying around? Then repurpose it in any of these five creative ways.

Repurpose Your Old T-Shirts

If you have old t-shirts kicking around it's time to re-purpose them into new useful things. Our Frugalista showed us how — or at least she tried to show us how, despite Chris' antics. The Turband Remove the bottom hem...

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