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Creamy and Boozy Eggnog

This boozy eggnog should come with a warning, don't consume at holiday parties unless you are prepared for the aftermath!

Stylin’ Bar Carts

Cocktail Deeva shows off five stylish bar carts for your home.

Simon’s Sweet & Sour Cocktail

Our mixologist Simon Ho is taking inspiration from Asia and serving up a tangy but sweet cocktail! Ingredients 1.5 oz gin 0.75 oz ginger liqueur 1 oz lemon juice 0.5 oz Sichuan pepper and strawberry syrup Dash of grapefruit bitters...

A Modern Twist on the Home Bar

Andrea Ford blames wood panelling. If not for the faux finishes and dark, dank colour schemes, home bars may not have been relegated to sleazy bachelor pads and your uncle's basement. According to Andrea, it's high time we bid a...

Cocktail Clinic

Dr. Melissa Lem answers your burning booze questions. Q: Will certain drinks get you drunker faster than others? —Robin Dr. Melissa says... "I have three words of wisdom for you: Beware of bubbles. Research has shown that carbonation actually increases...

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