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Find Out Your Body Shape and How To Dress It Right

Find out how to dress your body if you have a rectangle, oval, triangle or hourglass shape.

Get to Know Your Body Type

Get to know your body type and find out what herbs and spices you should add to your food to feel better.

The Best Dresses for Every Body Type

What better time than now to treat yourself to a fancy, new frock? But before you buy, take a tip from fashion expert Genny Iannucci on which dress will look best on your body type. And because no outfit is...

The Right Top for Your Type

Fashion expert Genny Iannucci is back with more tips on how to dress your body type right. But this time, she's taking aim above the belt. Whether you're short-waisted, large-busted or broad-shouldered, Genny has some top notch ideas to help...

The Perfect Jeans for Every Shape

Finding the perfect pair of jeans for your shape can be downright discouraging. Wide-leg, boot-cut, flare, skinny—which will flatter and hourglass figure? How about an oval? Fear not: Fashion expert Genny Iannucci is here to help you dress your body...

Dress Your Body Type Right

Tummy trouble? Generous booty? Curves that fall flat? You're not alone! Find your shape below plus tips from style expert Genny Iannucci for how to dress your body type right! If you're a triangle... Your bust is smaller than your...

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