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One-Pot Beef Bourguignon

Chef Jonathan Collins shares his spin on a French country classic, Beef Bourguignon.

Make-Ahead Slow Cooker Beef Enchiladas

Another no-fail slow-cooker favourite from Canadian Living! Plus, you can make the beef in advance.

Hanukkah Dinner: Beef Brisket

This braised brisket is moist, flavourful and easy to make.

How To Cook The Perfect Charbroiled Prime Rib Roast

The big beautiful piece of meat takes only a few ingredients and a bit of love for the ultimate dinner roast.

Kalbi Chunk’d Tots

We all know how to make good ol' American tater tots, so why not combine them with Korean short ribs? This fusion recipe from James Cunningham's Eat St. Cookbook will be sure to have your taste buds singing! Serves 4...

Foolproof Beef and Dark Stout Stew

Chef Jonathan Collins' rustic stew has a tasty secret ingredient: dark stout beer.

Leftover Madness: Sirloin Steak

We just love Voula Halliday's luxurious leftovers, and this week's menu, starring sirloin steak, is no exception. Let the leftover madness begin! Voula's Grilled Top Sirloin The perfect steak yields the perfect week's meal plan—just in time for BBQ season!...

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